Akazienzendo is a place where people can be in silence. Where, regardless of their ethnic, political, sexual or religious identity, everyone can contemplate and experience the connectedness and humanity common to us all.

Porträt Bernd Bender

Bernd Bender has practised Zen since 1987. He went to California in 1994 to continue his studies at San Francisco Zen Center. There he received Lay Dharma Entrustment (authorisation to teach) from Dairyu Michael Wenger in 2010. In 2012 he moved to Berlin, where he offers Zen practice, teaches courses in meditation and Buddhist thought, translates, lectures, and accompanies people on their spiritual paths.

Porträt anne

Anne Voigt became interested in Zen during her yoga teacher training. After a guest student stay at the San Francisco Zen Center she began practicing Zen. Anne lives in Weimar and despite the distance she feels connected to Akazienzendo. "Silence, inspiring and open conversations and a comfortable cushion – that is what Akazienzendo is for me."

Porträt ed

Ed Velasco began practicing Zen after a stay at Green Gulch Farm near San Francisco in 2012. Originally from California, since 2008 he lives and works in Berlin, and is a part of the Akazienzendo board of directors. "Akazienzendo is an open and flexible place for my meditation and Zen practice. I have made good friends there and joined fun community activities."

Porträt Felix

My name is Felix, I am 27 years old and practice at Akazienzendo since 2013. Zazen practice has become an important part of my daily routine. To me, Akazienzendo is a place where I can share the joy of this practice with others. I enjoy the openness and flexibility at Akazienzendo and at the same time the sincerity of practice. In short: Akazienzendo is my place for everyday urban bodhisattva-practice!

Porträt Chiaki Ruf

Chiaki Ruf has been meditating since 2006. She met Bernd Bender in 2012, began with Zazen at Akazienzendo and has continued with Zen practice ever since. She is from Kobe, Japan, and lives with her family in Freiburg, where she practices with a Zen group. Her connections to Akazienzendo and those who practice there are very inspiring to her. "Zen practice is in everyday life. The posture one takes on in each and every act is the Zen practice of that day. With the support of inspiring people I am able to follow the Bodhisattva path both at home and in Berlin!"

Porträt 2

Ever since Mama started Zazen ...

Porträt 1

…we have more fun at home!!

Porträt Bernhard

Zen, Zazen…..what an interesting medicine.
After 3 years of Zen practise my hair turned black and I had a strange new look. On taking a closer look at the packaging instructions I noticed the critical phrase: "For risks and side effects please consult your teacher or fellow practitioners"
Do enjoy the exchange and your sittings! - Bernhard

Porträt Klaus

Klaus HintZEN
I've been electrified for years by a passage from the discourse The Noble Quest: „The Deathless has been attained. I shall instruct you, I shall teach you the Dhamma; following my teaching you will know and realize for yourselves even in this lifetime that supreme goal of purity for the sake of which clansmen retire from home to follow the homeless life.“